Blog Festival | Journaling, Labeling Theory | by Michael Lee Johnson

Breaking news this just in,1:15 PM December 15, 2013,I found out labeling theoryhas a personality.It has impact of its own.I love today because Ifound out I have a mental illness.Formally, diagnosed,now I am special.Shrink, Dr. Pennypecker, knows me well.We visit 15 minutes every 3 months.I have known him for 9 months.Simple sentences just make more sense.Simple sentences make me feel more secure.After 9 months he says, “I’ve sort of figuredyou out, you are a manic depressive, stage 2 hypo-mania.”I ask my shrink, “can I cast my vote?”In this PM news, I gave him permission.Life is a pilgrimage of pills.I cast out my net to catch myself,save myself.Life is a pilgrimage of prayers.Note:  it could end here.He does not know the differencebetween manias, verses six shots of vodka.I suffer from a B-12 deficiency.I need extra thiamine symptoms psychosis.I place my lid down on forsaken table,foreskin, I forgive.A dead shrink, middle of the road.I crack my knuckles,pass sleep two next night.Creativity flows fragmented.I kick gravesites up then down. 

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