Barka Da Sallah

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Hello Muslim Elsians,Here’s wishing you a Happy Eid Mubaraq or el Kabir (I hope I got that right)As you Mark this year’s Sallah, may the boundless spirit of sacrifice abide with you.

O Allah, grants us taqwa, magfirah, rahma, abundant wealth, bless us with sound health and longevity to witness many more as true believers in Islam and whose actions and deeds are guided by the Qur’an and Sunnah….TAQABBALALLAHU MINNA WA MINKUM (AMEEN)

Happy celebration Barka Da SallahMay your lives be filled with happiness and doors of success be open for you.And may you be favoured to celebrate many more in good health of mind, soul and body.Happy celebration!Barka Da SallahLots of LoveAnd waiting for my meat.

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