At The 7th Attempt

It was a beautiful Sunday morning at church; after an awesome praise and worship was testimony time. The anchor of that section called this beautiful lady and she made her way to the pulpit, immediately the microphone was handed over to her she started weeping and people went…. but at the end of her testimony the congregation rose praising God.

At the end of the service, I went to her and pleaded with her to give me a written version of the awesome testimony so that people will know that God breaks protocol and that it pays to serve God; Read below her testimony.

I finished my secondary school program in the year 2007, I wrote J.A.M.B that same year and got admission to study law in the university but I lost the admission because of my English language result afterwards I began to write G.C.E and N.E.C.O and finally I got it but then the battle of J.A.M.B began. There were times I passed J.A.M.B and didn’t pass the post U.M.E and there were times I passed both but couldn’t get in. A certain man offered to help me but with the condition that He was going to sleep (have sex) with me but I refused and of course the cycle kept repeating itself. I decided to go to a vocational school while waiting and I also acquired some diploma certificates in the process but I wanted a degree so I kept writing J.A.M.B.

On my 7th J.AM.B examination attempt last year, I cried out to God and I reminded Him that He rested on the 7th day, so I asked Him to grant me rest this time lest I give up on going to school. I remained committed in my work for Him in church and I also remained faithful with my midnight prayers, crying to Him to have mercy on me. One morning I woke up and He told me to go to the school and check for my name but I was reluctant because I heard I didn’t get up to the cut-off point so I didn’t go. Few days later in this year 2014, I had a dream which had me doing my registration and someone asked me what I was doing there and I told the person that my name was No19 on the merit list and the person said that’s impossible because you didn’t get up to the cut-off point. I woke up restless and then decided to go the school only to find out that my name has been out SINCE DECEMBER 2013. Now most school will defer your admission in two weeks if you don’t pay your acceptance fee but mine was there waiting for me (December 2013 to February 2014). I did my registration and to God be the glory I’m in the higher institution studying the course of my choice. God breaks protocol and indeed it pays to serve God.

Same God who did it for Tobi (with her permission to mention her name) is still in the business of doing good.



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