Annoying Social Media Habits

I saw the post below on Facebook and the Lady spoke my mind. Many annoying social Media habits flying everywhere. If my Facebook message box were to be search engine optimized, I am very sure it will pop up on Google when you search these words – ‘baby, angel, my love, my wife, sunshine”. It turns belly abeg. Don’t you think you will come out more reasonable when you start such chats in a more official way? Is Facebook even a dating site? I am confused. I don’t know which annoys me more too. Olu is now Holu, Ade – Hade…Trying to make the H factor thingy look cool I think? It sucks!

Which annoys you more?

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  1. My sentiments exactly! Silly habits. The most annoying to me is that of a stranger addressing me with endearments/pet names.

  2. Word. Like it is so annoying. People misspelling their names to look cool is just lame if you ask me. As for the endearment one, oh dear annoying much. Like i don’t even know you and you are using words on endearment on really i don’t get it o

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