Abako (pidgin Series) – 11

abako - pidgin series

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E no really take time for police to find out where Timo dey hide. Na one hotel for outside town. Na there him dey hide e head and police don get better info about am. DPO warn all him policemen say make dem no tell anybody about their operations, sake of say e no really know who dey send dem. DPO know say Timo too small to dey run show on him own. He know say na big oga dem go send am; although say e dey suspect Chief, but e no really sure because na Mr. Councillor come bail Timo from cell.

As dem reach the hotel, naim dem surround everywhere. Quickly, as dem near e door, naim their Oga hala, “Timo! Police don surround everywhere! Just respect yourself come out! Put your hand for your head and nobody go shoot you!”

As e yarn am, dem think say Timo go reply, dem but him no yarn.

“Timo! Na the last time wey I go yarn am! Police don surround you finish! Put your hand for your head, come out now-now!”

Still no noise from Timo.

The next thing wey happen be say police burst door and all of dem take position. But who dem dey take position for dey lifeless for ground. The wahala even come be one kind, sake of say no be only Timo dey ground. Mr. Councillor sef dey ground. Na for head naim dem shoot their two. One of the police quickly rush go look Timo head; e go check Timo ears, but my guy ears complete.

Dem quickly search everywhere begin search the whole room. Dem see Mr. Councillor phone for him pocket, and dem also see gun for Timo wardrobe, and many bullets wen him been keep. Dem pack everything go station; even the body of Mr. Councillor and Timo. Na wen dem dey go, naim dem see another body for the compound. This one ears get fresh wound. So the matter come make perfect sense for dem.

The matter taya DPO. Na true say the people wey die say dem dey involved for wetin dey happen for Abako, but why person go come go dey kill dem for police? And another thing be say dem no tell anybody say dem dey go find these people. The matter make am no fit sleep again.


News don already waka the whole Abako of wetin happen. Everybody just dey talk about the matter. Finally dem don see who dem go curse say naim dey cause all the katakata for Abako community. Maybe finally dem go see peace again for the town.

“You know say God no dey sleep! E dey always pay people back with e own coins” Mama Angela dey tell her neighbour.

“Naim o, my sister! Hmm! And to come think say na Timo…Nawa o!”

“This life sef! And all these while, him friend wey be Mama Tasty no know.”

“Abeg leave matter for Mathias! Dem no dey know finish o!”

“Ehn Ehn! I no join you talk that one o!”

Timo no gree finish for people mouth. Dem say the blood of Shaba go pursue am go him grave. And nobody dey talk about am without adding Mama Tasty join for d mata. You no go blame dem, sake of say their two close wella.

Mama Tasty sef don taya for everything. Timo death weak am well-well. All her eyes don swear finish, and she too believe Timo finish; even after everything. She no just fit carry herself believe say Timo kill Shaba.


Na for police station naim dem begin look inside Mr. Councillor phone. Na for Mr. Councillor phone, naim dem see text messages wey Mr. Tabi send am. Na for there naim dem see wetin dem take arrest am for night.

Mama Tasty no fit believe wetin she hear that night. Na from hospital she wake up. Her husband na politician, but she no believe say he go fit do anything like dat. She no dey ever gree say her husband dey do dirty politics, talkless of burning people goods for market. Even when she wake up for hospital, she still dey think say na dream she dey. But sometimes, life dey waka too fast; e dey waka pass aeroplane sef.

In the morning the next day, naim Michael come carry Mama Tasty run comot Abako town. People don already mobilize come scatter their house, burn her restaurant sef. If no be for Michael, maybe dem for don burn Mama Tasty join her shop. Na Michael naim come be him mama husband and pikin.

Written by Chuky One Pilla

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