A Sickle cell survivor! 5 year Old Violin Prodigy, 6 Languages expert, Jr Black-belt achiever

The Five-Year-Old Violin Prodigy From North Carolina, Caesar Sant, started learning the instrument just over two years ago, and as a toddler amazed his music teachers with his advanced abilities.

However, beyond his talent for the violin and knack for reading complicated sheet music, by the age of five, the young genius had suffered three debilitating strokes due to sickle-cell anemia that’s caused Caesar to have two strokes in a period of six months, one of which resulted in the temporary loss of mobility in his bowing arm.

By the age of five, he had suffered His third stroke which left him unable to walk or play the violin. As he tried to regain his musical abilities, he has a newborn sister who provided a bone marrow transplant that could be lifesaving and could ensure he’ll always be able to play the violin.

According to the Winston Salem Journal, his family, including neuroscientist father Lucas Santos, have turned to a stem cell bone marrow transplant — a $500,000 procedure offered through Johns Hopkins University — as the “only cure” for the young boy.

Watch the video below for more of Caesar’s unique abilities and the lengths his family will go to ensure his good health.

In gratitude for help rendered for caesar, His parents took to facebook last month:

“Caesar is back. The fight is the same: to have the money needs that will allows us to move straight to the transplant. Then, we have to put him to play on Ellen Show first. A public petition in this direction will be aired in this weekend.

Today it’s 1yr when we got back home from the hospital with him looks like everything was lost. Hope is everything because it fulfill our faith, therefore it makes us to work even harder and to do not give up.Thanks again to EVERYONE. Without you, certainly we haven’t reach until here, though there is a lot of road ahead.

Could you please like the video, subscribe, and consider to give your donated him?We are infinitely grateful for your support.God bless you and your family” (Lucas & Aline – his parents).

Most sickle cell patients receive blood transfusions after strokes to prevent another crisis. Caesar’s parents knew more blood transfusions would only ease the symptoms, not cure them. They decided the best option was a bone marrow transplant using the bone marrow donated by his sister.


“We decided to go through in vitro fertilization (IVF) in order to ensure that we do not pass along the sickle cell gene to another child, as well as to find a 100% bone marrow match for Caesar. After two years of trying, we were able to have one healthy and beautiful child, who can preserve Caesar’s life and be spared from suffering herself”, said caesar’s parent.

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