6 Things Most Bookworms Will Find Relatable

Indeed, being a serious reader is never easy, especially in today’s world where television and mobile phones consume a lot of our time, among other things. However, there are still some people that love books more than any other thing. This set of people often has a huge hunger to consume as many books as possible. There are certain traits common among these people. If you exhibit any of the characteristics below, you are likely a serious book reader.

·         Have a long list of to-read 

A serious reader will definitely make a list of all the books he/she desires to read. You may keep your list in a journal, a card or even create a Goodreads account for your booklist. On your birthdays, you may share the list with friends, and ask them to gift you books. You may take your list randomly to a book store to buy as many books you can afford. You may bully a friend or family member to buy you books on your list. So if you any of these, you are likely a serious bookworm.

·         Create/Join a Book Club

Reading doesn’t have to always be a solitary hobby. It can be more enjoyable with friends and family. Some readers enjoy the company of other readers. Therefore, they either create a book club or join one. Through a book club, reading becomes a social experience, and it can inspire you to continue reading. Your book club sets deadlines for a particular book, and this challenges you to finish on time so as not to be left behind. Members of the club can also provide encouragement and recommendations for more books.

·         Visit a Library and/or Book Store regularly

In school, it is mostly the bookworms that go to the library often. Some of them go wearing glasses (probably recommended) and a pile of books in their hands. Anyway, a serious reader will enjoy visiting the library often.

Also, a serious reader is a shopaholic of books. You will find yourself visiting book stores regularly or ordering books online. You just want to have as many books as possible.

·         Book Hoarding

Every serious reader hoards book. You can find books, either well-arranged or scattered all over the place, when you visit a serious book reader at home. Because books are so precious to you, you hardly want to share any of your books with someone else. You don’t want them maltreating your books, or, worst, not returning them. So you are a chronic book hoarder.

·         Easily Emotional About a Character

Have you ever had a monologue after reading a book? Like you are angry about the death of a character, or you curse at how silly a character behaves? You may cry while reading a book because there is a connection, and you can relate to the situation that is being portrayed by the author. You’re a likely a serious bookworm. It is easy to be emotional about a character, especially as a lover of fiction.

·         Staying Indoors Regularly

The most common thing about great readers is that they are mostly introverts. You spend personal time reading. You may even find ways to avoid meeting people just to stay at home and read. You are curled up on your bed or sofa, reading committedly through the pages of an exciting book, ignoring whatsoever is happening out there in the world.

So if you exhibit any of the traits above, you are likely a bookworm. Are there any other traits that we missed? Kindly share them with us in the comment section. Thank you!

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