5 Ways to Save Your Tomato Farm From Pest Attacks – Professor

5 Ways to Save Your Tomato Farm From Pest Attacks - Professor

In a chat with Premium Times in Zaria, the Director of Institute for Agricultural Research, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Professor Ibrahim Abubakar, said many of the affected farmers were reluctant to use appropriate pest control pesticides on their farms.“As an institute, we provided solutions to farmers in the North West region this season and we are working on the pest control measures, method and dosage of the spray,” Mr. Abubakar said.The professor provided tips on how farmers can save their farms from such attacks.

  1. Farmers should ensure they apply pesticides on their tomato farms late in the evening always.
  2. Farmers should apply the correct dosage of pesticide on their farms.
  3. Farmers should attend trainings on how to apply pesticides and not to assume knowledge as training are given to them every farming season.
  4. Farmers should engage in crop rotation because consistent single crop farming perpetrates the pest problem.
  5. Farmers should enhance their hygiene. All residue of the crop should be packed and burnt at the end of every farming the season.

Source – Premium Times

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