28 and Riding on His Grace! Happy Birthday to Me

On the way to a meeting with my friend and colleague yesterday, I mentioned to her that I didn’t have any message to share on my birthday. Not that I do not have my own grass to Grace story to share, or that a lot has not happened in my life in the past but I just feel it is really not time to share my story (or maybe I just feel my grass isn’t green enough, yet…LOL). I definitely know that the right time will be very soon. She however told me to let it flow when I start typing and that’s what I am doing….Flowing.

I am 28 today. I am happy today. I am thankful today. I am grateful always.

15 years ago, I told myself that at the age of 28, I would have graduated, with a good job, married with a child and enjoying my beautiful family. But then, life has its own plan for us. Between the ages of 13 and 28, I have lost, I have loved, I have found, I have cried, I have unlearned, I have learned, I have discovered, I have evolved. I am still evolving, inventing and reinventing myself and above all, I have found peace, not as the world gives but the one that comes from faith in the finished work of our Lord Jesus Christ. That type of peace that scares you, sometimes.

Have you ever been too calm, happy and calculated even in the face of trials and tribulations that you begin to wonder if you are normal? That’s where I am and it is an amazing feeling. It only happens when you let go, let God and live! It happens when you live above societal standards. It happens when you decide to ride on the wings of Grace while staying contented and at peace, knowing that His plans for you are always of good and never evil.

My life is not perfect but I am grateful. I am where I am today, not because I planned it but because God planned it and I am just walking in the path which He has created for me in His master plan. Sometimes, I sit and wonder what the next step he has planned is. Everything I am today, I planned none. If life went the way I wanted it, then I should be a Doctor right now. I started blogging without plan but I found my purpose in it. That one purpose has been the evolving substance in my life.

The desire to drive meaningful conversations and content as far as possible in order to touch and shapen lives have taken me to places and positions I never envisaged.

If I keep flowing, I am afraid I will write a book today but that is not the plan. I want to sincerely thank you for being a part of my life today. From blogging, to Social Media Management/Consulting, to Building your websites, to transcribing, to events, to radio, to TV, etc, without you, your support, your kind words, your attention, your adverts, your referrals and believing in my brand and the brands I represent, I won’t be here today. Thank you!!

Sometimes I wonder what I have done to deserve this but then, I realize that instead of wondering, the best I can do or should do, would be putting in my best in making you always proud of Elsie Godwin – This is a given, as one with God never fails.

So because I can, *smug*, in collaboration with Nonnistic Fashion – who has been my official Stylist for Crux of the Matter on TV and other events I have to attend, PSK Creatives and Creamy and Beauty Make Over, I had this amazing photo shoot for us *wink*

Do have fun viewing and do call Nonnistic Fashion on 07034067905 for any of these wears and even more amazing female clothes, shoes, bags and accessories.

Elsie Godwin 20 Elsie Godwin 1 Elsie Godwin 2 Elsie Godwin 3 Elsie Godwin 4 Elsie Godwin 5 Elsie Godwin 6 Elsie Godwin 7 Elsie Godwin 8 Elsie Godwin 9 Elsie Godwin 10 Elsie Godwin 11 Elsie Godwin 12 Elsie Godwin 13 Elsie Godwin 14 Elsie Godwin 15 Elsie Godwin 16 Elsie Godwin 17 Elsie Godwin 18 Elsie Godwin 19


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  1. Awwww!!! I’m all mushy mushy right now.
    Stunning photos.
    Stunning 28.

    Happy Birthday Elsie
    I love you.

  2. Happy Birthday Elsie. I follow all your work. You are an amazing woman. God bless you and enlarge your coast.
    Happy Birthday.

  3. Happy birthday Elsie…. I admire you a lot. Cheers as your start another beautiful 365 days cycle. ???

  4. Wow…stunningly and ravishingly beautiful at 28. You’ve really come this far with elegance and grace as an amazing lady. I’m proud to have known you from your days of blogging to radio and now to the TV girl you have become today. You are one lady who truly knows what you want and you are living it day by day. Happy Birthday and congratulations Elsieisy. May you flourish and continue to shine beyond your expection.

  5. Thanks 4 d Riding On msg, I like it. U are correct, sometimes what one plans is not what God has planned 4 us.U ARE BEAUTIFULLY GORGEOUS in the pics like my most beautifully gorgeous wife on earth. Happy birthday once again dear.

  6. Happy Bafday Elsie, GGMUB, LLNP n MHRS. Age wif Grace dear. The Lord is ur Shepherd n u shall not lack anyfin in dis World n next, amen.

  7. Happy Birthday Godwin Elsie Isioma. You are such an amazing being, never relenting, ever focused and pursuing… May you with ease fulfil destiny.

  8. As u awesome as u looks are as awesome will be ur granted wishes.
    Happy buffday Elsie

  9. Happy birthday Dear. This is the beginning of great things in your life. God is taking you places. God bless you.

  10. gorgeous beauty! wishing you many more happy years and may God provide you with that very thing you desire. Amen

  11. Happy birthday madam Elsie, sowi am among the late comers but I bet is still ur week.
    keep excelling in all you do. we love you and will forever love u #muah.

  12. Happy birthday dear, so very sorry i didn’t call you. i lost all numbers on my phone. forgive dear.

  13. Happy Belated birthday sorry it’s coming late,i was away & could not Access my Mail.As you have Turned 28 may God Prosper Everything you Lay your Hands On Like the Stars Of Heaven. Continue to Enjoy your Grace Filled Life as God Sweetens & Beautifies It More.

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