2 things no one ever told you about FACIALS


Many people think of facials the same way they think of expensive vacations: luxurious treats that they save for special occasions. If that’s the case for you, it’s time to throw what you think you know about facials out the window—and read up on these little-known facts about the spa treatment.

Facial should be done regularlyunfortunately, facials won’t deliver revolutionary results overnight. Think of [your skin] in the same way that you think of how your body responds to going to the gym, you’ll see the best results if you visit regularly. Say every four to six weeks unless advised otherwise.


Facials aren’t just about the products

The massage included in your facial is key to draining waste from your lymph system, which your body uses to keep your cells healthy. Poor nutrition, lack of sleep, and bad skin care can cause the lymph system to become overloaded, resulting in dull skin and a puffy face. That relaxing massage you receive is not only putting you in your happy place, but also draining the toxins from your body by stimulating that lymph system. Asking for a few more minutes of massage time may make more difference than the products themselves.


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