Mistress - elsieisy blog

The fragrance from the air diffuser reminded you of a life you once lived; rich, innocent, full. You sat on the bed and felt the sheets in your palms “pure cotton” you whispered. “Only God knows how much he paid for this room” You raised... Read More

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I Give Up Everyday

i give up everyday - elsieisy blog

The second thing I hate about mornings is getting off my bed. I love to sleep, but the book says poverty comes to the one who sleeps for a minute or two. The first thing is the uncertainty that comes with waking back to reality. Resurrecting from that... Read More

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Words Are Heavy

Words are heavy - elsieisy blog - fiction

IVEREM The anus is like a trumpet, but who will volunteer to blow it? Whose lips will agree to linger at the tip of a hole, black from all the corruption the mouth has swallowed? But the anus brings release. Uncle Tarfa says his daughters are not... Read More

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