Theory of Evolution

Theory of Evolution - elsieisy blog

Not every step in life is meant to be smooth; how else could we grow and learn along the path?   Not every word from our mouths can come out perfectly clean; how else could we be pushed to expand our language of love?   Not every truth that... Read More

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The Shadow

The shadow - elsieisy blog

Hello Elsians, I’m writing this fictional work to someone close to my heart. Did i hear you say her? Haha! Not just her alone but to you my amiable and ever-diligent audiences. Read, Enjoy, and don’t forget to comment. THE SHADOW  I know you will... Read More

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The Ex Factor – 23

The Ex Factor - elsieisy blog

Click HERE for previous episodes. Starting a battle is not the problem. Winning the war sometimes is… because sometimes, what happens is; you win the battle and lose the war. I focused on the road and unusually had both hands on the wheel as I... Read More

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Love is in the Air

Love is in the Air - elsieisy blog - poetry - art

Blue Egyptian silk shimmers as I walk in. The scent of roses fills the air As little red petals lay strewn everywhere.   Mingling just right, The scent with the coolness of the A/C L’amour is in the air As I gaze upon the object of my... Read More

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