The Red Thread

The Red Thread - art - elsieisy blog

by Dawn Wilson. “Mummy, tell me the story of the red thread. It was bed time but little Ose was far from tired. Burrowing deeper under the covers, she made room for her mother to get into bed with her. Not one to say no to anything Ose asked for, a... Read More

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Explosive Taste

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Our daily activities Consisted of exercise For our legs, emotions, and tear glands You came Clothed in the white and orange Of a superhero Promising hope You added to our rations A larger portion of your explosive taste To teach the other chefs To be... Read More

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The Ex Factor – 18

The Ex Factor - elsieisy blog

Click HERE for previous episodes. There isn’t anyone in this world without a problem. So when you dedicate time solving other people’s own, you must have understood the real law of happiness. Wisdom! Some people will simply define it as... Read More

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My Home

my home - poetry - elsieisy blog

In rheum of my eyes Floats dreams of my home Of warm and cool shades of grape wines On the secure walls of my Rome   The fog-kissed morning Folding in, to the cloudy day Breezy, cool with a peck of Sun brushing the orchid stray   Dusk tiptoes... Read More

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