“Women Have Higher Risk Of Stroke Than Men”

world stroke organisation

The World Stroke Organisation has said that women have higher risks of stroke and are more likely to die from it than men.

Mrs. Gloria Ekeng, who is an executive member of the Board of Directors, World Stroke Organisation, said at an awareness campaign programme in Lagos on Saturday that the World Stroke Organisation had warned that stroke was being taken for granted.

She said “women are at higher lifetime risk of stroke and one in five women globally will experience a stroke in their lifetime compared to one in six men.

 “Other than their longer life expectancy, women also have increased burden of major stroke risk factors including hypertension, irregular heartbeat, diabetes, depression and obesity.”

“Furthermore, specific risk factors and settings in women include pregnancy, the post-partum period and some hormonal replacement therapies.

 “That is why the thrust of this year’s stroke awareness is on women with the campaign theme: ‘I am woman, stroke affects me.’’

Ekeng, who is also the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Stroke Care International Nigeria, an NGO, said stroke occurred when the blood supply to part of a person’s brain was cut off.

According to her, efforts must be directed at improving the knowledge-base of Nigerians on stroke and to also train healthcare practitioners on the appropriate management strategies.

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