See Heartfelt Birthday Message To Nadia Buari From Her Adorable Mom

See Heartfelt Birthday Message To Nadia Buari From Her Adorable Mom

Yesterday was the beautiful and gorgeous actress, Nadia Buari’s birthday. I literally stalked her IG page for minutes without getting tired. I went on and on and then found this beautiful birthday message shout out to Nadia from Her mother – @caddybuariSee Heartfelt Birthday Message To Nadia Buari From Her Adorable MomRead below:

“It seems like yesterday the nurses placed u in my arms and I fell in love with u. Every parent who has more than one child wonders how they could possibly love a second child as much as the first…until the second is born and then they know. I took one look at ur blonde wavy hair{which later turned brown, not sure how} and tiny dimpled cheeks and never looked back. I have loved u every minute of every day since the day u were born and will continue to do so through eternity. Over the years, I’ve built tons of memories with u this page is too small to list them all.. Memories more precious than diamonds or rubies and more treasured than any earthly possession. Yes the world knows ur beautiful…. what they don’t know is ur true beauty which is ur inner beauty. Ur such an amazing soul, ur generosity is insane..u have the purest heart and it hurts when people take advantage…but when u smile and say, “just let it go mummy”, always calms me. Ur an awesome friend, a fabulous sister, the world’s amazing mother…but above all, MY DAUGHTER.I am so very proud of u and so very thankful to God for the blessing u are to me and to those who know and love u.HBD Gorgeous!”

Happy belated birthday Nadia! Keep soaring…. 

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