Day 6 – Valentine’s Day gifts and ideas for women

It’s Valentine’s Day and you’re wondering, “Didn’t I shower her with half a paycheck’s worth of gifts a month ago? Do I really have to buy her something again? Is she going to be angry if I get her an [ill-fated idea from Valentine’s Day’s that are past]?” Yes, you did. Yes, you do. And, yes, she will.

With the joy of having a steady wife or girlfriend comes the responsibility of humoring her on Valentine’s Day. That means digging back into your wallet, rallying a team of our most caring brain cells and finding yet another (set of) gift(s) that shows how much you cherish her. If you fail to accept that mission, you may find yourself permanently stag by the 15th.

I understand that really great gift ideas don’t come naturally to many guys at any time of the year, let alone so soon after the holidays. So i’ve put together a cheat sheet. No matter your girl’s personality and preferences, one of these gifts is sure to delight her. Not only will you prevent disappointing her on the most important of relationship holidays, but you may just get a very special gift in return.

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and the clock is ticking. What on earth are you going to get her? Get her the right gift, and she’ll know she’s the apple of your eye. Screw it up, and you’ll be spending your time together trying to prove that you’re not a total boob.

If you’re stumped, i’ve got some ideas for you. This timeless list of bound-to-please gifts will have her swooning.

1. Diamond Ringdiamond ring

Ever since that awkward first Valentine exchange in elementary school, the heart has served as the universal symbol of Valentine’s Day, as well as love itself. . What woman won’t love a heart-shaped 10K-gold covered in diamonds? Note: If she’s waiting for the real thing, proceed with the utmost care and clarity.

2. A New Blackberry phone/Cameracamera

It’s not only guys who appreciate a good gadget these days. Many women admit that they prefer the geeky items over chocolate and perfumes. While Blackberry keeps their social (and cheating) appetites sated. A good Galaxy Smartphone/Camera also passes this exam.

3. Experiential Toursvacation for two

Many times, the best gifts are those that involve spending time together. No matter where you live, there’s a new experience that the two of you can indulge in. View the dazzling city skyline by climbing to the tallest buildings with your picnic kit if possible, explore a local waterway by boat or have a picnic someplace unexpected.

3. A Watchwatch

Like a fine bracelet, only more practical

4. Sex Toyssex toys

If the idea of kinky sex raises an inquisitive eyebrow on your lady, Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to explore her (and your) desires more intimately.

5. A Bath Robe

A fine bath robe will make her feel like she just stepped out of the shower in a fancy, ₦160,000 ($1000) per-night hotel room, even if she’s rushing to get ready on a Monday morning. The robe can be customized for an extra personal touch.

6. Her Favorite Series collection On DVD/Blu-ray

Remember how you made an excuse every single time she wanted to see a romantic comedy or drama last year? Now is the time to make up for it by buying her the collection.

This is a cheap, pain-free gift as long as you can remember at least one of the titles that she bugged you to watch – Gossip GirlOne tree hillSmallVille etc..(hmm…Tinsel)  Hopefully she’ll be so ecstatic that you remembered she won’t make you watch it with her.(Grinning)

7. A Warm Cardigan 

Valentine’s Day is more than just the holiday of love and lust — it’s February 14th, the dead of winter for the western world. (Don’t try this in tropical Africa) 

8. Chocolates

Chocolate is the standard V-Day gift, and it’s easy to see why. It’s rich, creamy and muy delicioso. Not to mention it’s an aphrodisiac. There’s a reason chocolate is the candy of love. But not all chocolates are created equal. Skip the counter “pick up to complete change” variety and go for a high-end chocolate.

9. Fragrance

Perfume can be super-tricky, as every woman has a different preference when it comes to smell. Regardless, if you snag her something you think smells delicious, then she’ll likely enjoy it as well. You may have to skip the supermarket variety and look for a real Perfume store. Try Curve Appeal (if you can find it) by Elizabeth Arden. It is a heady, sexy mix of mandarin, violet, apple, nectarine, jasmine, iris, amber, sandalwood and vanilla. You’ll want to smell her all night.

10. Fancy Sheets

High-thread-count sheets are considered a luxury, not a necessity, which is exactly why they make one of the most perfect Valentine’s Day gift. Every woman wants to be pampered. They might seem a bit fancy, but once the two of you crawl underneath the covers, you’ll realize why they’re worth every penny. Plus, this is the gift that gives back; with sheets like these, she’ll never want to get out of bed. Look for Egyptian cotton in at least an 800 thread count.

11. Lingerie

speaking of gifts that give back, lingerie is another one that benefits you as much as it does her. Since you probably have no idea how bras are sized, your best bet is to sneak a peek at one of hers when she’s not looking. The tag is usually located on the back strap. If you would rather not worry about her cup size, you can get her a teddy or slip, since those come in much-easier-to-gauge sizes like small, medium and large.

Victoria’s Secret hasn’t been much of a secret for decades, and your girl (if classy) probably buys her bras and panties there, as well as sexier attire. Pony up a little extra cash and spice up her lingerie collection with something from abroad. Consider a curve-enhancing bustier from Italy’s La Perla or something lacy and nostalgic from London-based Agent Provocateur. Have fun picking it out — if done correctly, it’ll be as much a gift for you as for her.

If you want to go kitschy, Trashy Lingerie has tons of Valentine’s Day options to choose from. If you would rather go classy, Agent Provocateur never fails to impress.

12. Flowers


Flowers are a natural choice for your lady love on Valentine’s Day, and a pretty safe bet when all else fails. Unlike other gifts, flowers are appropriate, whether you’ve been dating her for one day or one year. And there are no calories involved (chocolate). Stick to the classics like roses, or, if she’s not a traditionalist, go for something exotic like lilies or orchids.

13. At-Home Spa Goodies

Put together a spa experience by getting her everything she needs to recreate a spa at home. Engage her sense of romance with scented  candles. throw in a loofah, body lotion and bubble bath. Arrange it in a basket and, voila! You have a home spa kit.

14. A massage

The perfect end to a romantic evening? A sexy rubdown. If you find oils to be too messy use a bar, this is perfect. If your massage skills aren’t up to par, give her a real spa massage (see 13). The atmosphere will allow her to truly relax if its home


Let’s fast-forward a few days: It’s Friday morning, you’re at the bar casually exchanging stories about the night before — Valentine’s Day — with the guys. What kind of guy do you want to be? The conservative, who “surprised” his girlfriend with a box of chocolates and a fancy dinner? BORING!. Even my office morning briefing stories are more interesting than that.This Valentine’s Day, you can be the guy who stepped outside of his chocolate box, who dared to do something a bit more kinky.

Where to start? If you want to impress her, start by pleasing her with these sensual Valentine’s Day ideas.

1- Prolonged foreplay

Let’s jump right into it (no puns intended): When was the last time you engaged in prolonged foreplay that did not culminate with penetration? Exactly. we underestimate how important it is to warm her up, make her feel special and, ultimately, have her so turned on that she’s begging for it.

I know what you’re thinking: “Seriously?” And, “Am I capable?” Yes and yes. Sometimes the anticipation is hotter than the climax. So, we recommend relishing that moment of anticipation because, hey, you’ll enjoy it too. Kiss, touch, lick, tease, bite — you choose the verb — all night long.

Finally, if the idea of prolonged foreplay without it leading to penetration is painful, think of it this way: There’s no better time than Valentine’s Day to make the sacrifice — and she’ll remember it for the rest of the year. Win-win. if she doesn’t ask you to penetrate her at gun point after that… *winks

2- Warm bath

140990-283x375-colored-candleSpeaking of warming her up, your foreplay session could be preceded by a hot bath. This sensual Valentine’s Day idea involves filling the bathtub (if you have one) with rose petals and scented oils, which will definitely help her relax and prep her body for what’s about to come.

Here’s the thing. Obviously you’re running a hot bath for her; she knows this and so do you. If you’re already making the effort, why not commit to it and go all out?

Here are some tips on how to set the mood. Play some sensual grown folks’ music (Sade is foolproof — and it’s pronounced “Sha-day”), dim the lights and light the candles and make sure that you are clean (i.e. shower) before stepping in to the tub. There’s nothing that kills the romance like knowing you’re bathing in your own filth.

3- Massage oils

Shop around for some massage oils that come packed with flavor. Whether you like banana, almond or chocolate, now you can rub her body down and lick off the remains.

4- New location

Sex on Valentine’s Day? Wow, how original. The solution doesn’t involve modifying the act; it involves modifying the location. If you’re a play-it-safe kind of guy, then throwing her over the dinner table in a moment of passion will read out of character and will likely turn her on. Or try something a bit unexpected like the stairs.

For a real rush, consider public sex. The fact that it’s taboo and the fear of getting caught provides an ideal outlet to release your inner kink. It’s Thursday night. An evening walk in the dark sounds good. Maybe it’s time to take out the trash — you know, in that alley. Take your sex life to new heights on Valentine’s Day, and she’ll walk into the office/school Friday morning with a smirk of her own

5- Feed her

Maslow wasn’t kidding when he said our physiological needs need to be satisfied first. So why not combine two of them for maximum pleasure? Our next sensual Valentine’s Day idea involves increasing your libido with food. Cutting up fruit like strawberries, melon, apples, and chocolate can only serve to make the sexual fun even more, well, fun.

6- Blindfold her

The cliche would have you blindfold and feed her. This time, however, we recommend you blindfold her and present her with different scents, making her guess what each one is. Make one of them an actual perfume gift.

Along with the perfume, make her smell things like incense, flowers, oils, etc.

7- Tie her up

“Choke me, spank me, pull my hair.” No, that’s not where we’re going with this entry (but if that’s your thing, man, then happy Valentine’s Day). Women cited domination (you dominating her) as one of their top 10 female sex fantasies.

There’s nothing quite like having a woman submit to you completely. She wants you to own your raging hormones, she wants you to savagely run your fingers through her hair and to feel the weight of your body. Begin by tying her hands to the bedpost with a scarf (a scarf she will later receive as a gift) and then have your way with her.

8- Use a feather

Going down on her is one thing; using a feather to drive her crazy and make her beg to give it a little lick is another. Use a strong feather — or any other touch-based sex toy — to tickle her entire body, ending at her…u know na

9- Sexy games

No, we’re not talking about naked Twister. Try using body paint and playing games in which she has to guess what you’re writing on her body. A wrong answer gets you five minutes of oral sex; a right answer gets her five minutes of tongue action.

10- Chocolate

What would this special day be without chocolate — and the 101 ways that you can play with it? Try melting chocolate on each other, and pace yourself as you devour every inch of her body. If you feel like this Valentine’s Day idea isn’t substantial enough, combine it with another idea, like prolonged foreplay (No. 1 ).

I dare you

This Valentine’s Day, I dare you to channel your inner master , to get creative and, if nothing else, get kinky. I dare you to make her day so memorable that it will make her girlfriends’ boyfriends look like amateurs. Can you handle it?

And i’ll talk to you again soonYour Friend…..Leonhart

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