A Dangerous Love Affair – 20

A dangerous love affair

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How could you?” Hadija continued

After three children and over a decade of marriage, this is how Emeka Jones decides to prove his undying fealty to his wife?

You are less of a man that I ever imagined, to think, I gave you my everything without a second thought.”

Hadija, please, you don’t understand what’s going on.” Emeka said, trying to close the gap between them and embrace his furious wife.

Don’t touch me you animal,” Hadija shrieked, bordering on hysteria, her face a mask of rage and anguish. “The sight of you makes me sick, you think you can make this go away like that? No, my dear husband, before everything is said and done, I’m going to give you a real reason to regret the day you ever laid hands on Cassie.”

Hadija, baby, my wife.” Emeka crooned as he edged closer to her, afraid of what she might do to herself in this state. “Please, you’re distressed and not thinking clearly, let’s just go inside and talk about this like rational adults.”

We should talk about this like rational adults? Were you thinking about it like a rational adult when you were fucking Cassie? As far as you coming inside, you can forget about that. If you don’t want your children to hate you, you’ll respect yourself and find somewhere else to sleep.”

Damn you woman, you threaten to kick me out of my own house and turn my children against me?” Emeka said, stepping forward with reignited fury as Hadija retreated backwards, closer to the open doorway.

Oh no, Emeka, you can keep your just fury, you have no right to form indignation. I not only threaten, I promise to make it a reality. Your sons will think of you as the lowest scum of the earth and your daughter will hate any man by the name of Emeka if you do not disappear from the compound right this instant.”

Woman, have lost your mind?” The beleaguered president spat as he sprinted across the open space separating them and pinned her against the wall. It took every ounce of his willpower not to try and slap her senseless.

What are you going to do Emeka, how can you hurt me beyond what you’ve already done? Physical pain means nothing to me at this point, you’ve done much worse, you’ve broken my fragile heart.

A heart that has been laid bare to you from the beginning, I wonder how many other women your dick has tasted and I didn’t find out about.

How many children do you have out of wedlock Mr. President? How many!” Even when her face was contorted in fury and red from crying, Hadija was still a beautiful woman. The stream of tears smeared the makeup she’d applied in the morning across her unblemished skin. The mascara that made her look so alluring a few moments before had turned to dark grey rivers of despair across her face, but still, she was gorgeous.

Hadija, please, stop this, I cannot handle you and Jonathan on the same night. If you insist on chasing me out of my home where will I go? I don’t even have my card on me to rent a room.”

Maybe you can go and see your lover at the hospital, or better yet, you can go and share intimate moments with your new child.”

That’s not fair woman.” Emeka whispered as he loosed his grip on his wife.

You speak to me of what’s fair?” Hadija shouted as she stripped off the dress she wore. Her breasts spilled out of her loosened bra and fell across her slender frame, her hips found their original shape and complimented the perfect symmetry of her waist, and her legs stood exposed as a perfect testament to the glory of a God that loves beauty.

After three children Emeka, three children. You can still take me out wherever you go and men and women of all ages will envy what you have.

You chose to throw it away. Unlike the other useless women that you have been fucking, I bring more to the table. I am educated, I have sense, and I am an understanding woman.

Look at my breasts Emeka, this is the last time you’ll see them. Look at the tender portions of my body, the supple curve of my thighs, and the roundness of my ass that you once had full access to.

This body that kept you warm when we had nothing, this body that carried your children, this body that has been forever lost to you.

Burn it into your memory because you will never, I repeat, never, see it like this again!” she shrieked.

Hadija, you’re angry, you don’t know what you’re saying.” Emeka pleaded.

Shut up Emeka, I’m tired of hearing your voice and I grow more disgusted the longer I have to look at your face.

Remember, when you’re alone at night and your children don’t know who you are that you’re the architect of your own demise. You built your downfall block by block with your own two hands and a prick that doesn’t know how to respect itself. ”

Woman, I can understand your vehemence but I will not sit here and take these insults from you any longer.”

You’re right, Goodbye.” With that, Hadija, moving faster than Emeka thought possible, crossed the threshold of their house, bolted the door, and turned off the security light.

Emeka was left stunned as the darkness wrapped around him like a heavy cloak. He didn’t know what to do or where to go. As he turned to look at his fence, he caught his gate-man staring at him with eyes open wide in surprise. When he realized Emeka was looking in his direction, he scurried into his house and banged the door shut.

The man had suffered too much in the space of a few hours to put his thoughts together in any coherent fashion. He slumped to the ground like a thing broken, wearied of the constant struggles of the world.

Emeka put his face in his large hands and for the first time in years, he wept. He wept because he didn’t know what to do, he wept because his wife despised him, he wept because he had lost control of his life, he wept because he had lost his best friend, and he wept because he knew everything was his fault.

As the tears subsided and he could again control the heaving of his chest, his mind became clearer and he decided to reach out to the only man who could guide him through this crisis.

Mr. Vincent.

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  1. Nice 1 admin i really apreciate ur efforts,keep on the good work…i wnder what emeka will have to face,but the saying goes,the evil men do lives after them,its very very necessary 4 any1 to think twice b4 taking any decision,dont let adultry destroy ur marital life oo

  2. Hey! I could have sworn I’ve been to this website before but after browsing through some of the post I realized it’s new to me. Anyhow, I’m definitely glad I found it and I’ll be bookmarking and checking back frequently!

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