Night Bus

I’ll be travelling for nothing less than 15hours. It’s meant to be a 10-hour journey but put in all the Nigerian factors; bad roads, pot holes, check points that are actually extortion points, car breakdown etc. We will definitely be... Read More

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Near-Water Village

The smell of wet grass and chirping of birds ushered him into the square. A place he had known vaguely to be home. Trees bent at the top, formed canopies to block the scorching heat of the sun. He smiled as he watched children play in circles under... Read More

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Panama Close

Panama close - elsieisy blog - Image by pixelbay

It’s 12:45 am but the residents of Panama Close were nothing close to being asleep. Sirens from the ambulance and police vehicles saturated the atmosphere. Harun had hung himself on his balcony. His body dangled as the wind bustled. The perimeter... Read More

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Behind Closed Doors – 5

Click HERE for previous episodes “Well, I hope you people enjoyed yourself oo” the Missus continued with her sarcastic derision. “Next time, please find somewhere else to do it. See the way everywhere is now smelling anyhow.” She used her... Read More

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sinners - elsieisyblog

Come let us sin together. Take off your clothes – no, let me help you do that. Yes…you are scared, I can tell. Your heavy breathing is not anxiety, its beauty –the beauty of sin. No, I am not nervous. But I am a sinner and sinners lie;... Read More

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