Blog Festival | Her Psycho Date | by Olulola Tolulope

Blog Festival | Her Psycho Date | by Olulola Tolulope - elsieisy blog

Feyi ran as fast as her legs could carry her, the pain from the blow she had been dealt with on the head taking its toll on her. She wanted to stop to catch her breath but she knew if she did, she would probably never breathe again.

Tears welled up in her eyes when she saw in the distance an abandoned house. Without contemplating, she ran to it. Thankfully, it wasn’t locked. She walked in and scanned the house with her eyes.

“Think Feyi or you’re dead” she told herself knowing time wasn’t on her side. Her attacker was fast approaching.

Then it dawned on her, a house like this should have a pantry. Quickly she moved from where she stood to find this place of refuge and yes, she did find it. The pantry door had a key in the keyhole. She removed it, got in and locked herself from within. As she sat quietly in there, memories of the last two months flooded her mind.

She and her friend, Winifred made a bet as to who could get a boyfriend in 30days. Feyi being the smart Nigerian that she was among her white friends resorted to online dating.

Just a week after she met Donald, a Software Developer also living in the same city as she in the US. A month down the line, she was already infatuated with him up until she met him in person. It was then she realized he was crazy. He had brought and shown her pictures of

his ex-lovers and when she asked why he brought them he said to her,

“Its because I don’t want you to end up like them and you won’t as long as you love me,”

She made up her mind from that instant to cut off all ties with him but everything she did was an effort in futility. The more she drew away, the more he kept springing up. He became her worst nightmare. He stalked her home, her office and even hacked her computer.

The height of it all was him breaking into her house that day. She entered her house and met him at her dinner table. He had prepared dinner, lit scented candles and sat at the table waiting for her. She didn’t waste time running out of the house but her speed was

no match for his. He caught up with her and dragged her back into the house. She struggled with him and he hit her hard on the head till she passed out.

She woke up in the woods just as he laid her on the ground. As she laid there she remembered the pictures he showed her and sprang up from the ground. She didn’t want to end up like the ladies she had seen even though she didn’t know what ended them. All she wanted was to escape this psychopath and thankfully she was in this pantry hiding from him hoping he wouldn’t find her.

Olulola Tolulope is a goal oriented and purpose driven lady. She has a passion for impacting lives positively through her writing. She has written different pieces for different occasions all tailored to make a positive impact in the lives of people

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  1. I sure hope he doesn’t find her, I know what ended his ex lovers but I can’t say …Scary, beautiful and face paced.The explaining nearly turned me off sha.keep writing.Thanks, Hanty Elsie.

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