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This is exciting for lovers of Elsieisy blog and Elsie as a brand. We keep evolving and getting better as we climb the Ladder of success by God’s Grace. After successfully running Crux of the Matter on an online Radio (Happenings radio) for 1year, it is with great honour that we move the discussion to TV.

Crux of the Matter is a Mind boggling, thought provoking and insightful program where we dissect issues on Relationship, dating and sex with no holds barred.

Crux of the Matter debuts on R2TV this April, 2017. It will air every Wednesday by 9:30pm – 10:30pm with a repeat broadcast same time on Thursday. I, Elsie Godwin, remain your humble host and because these conversations are not about me, I welcome your opinions, suggestions and support to reach as many people as possible.Crux of the Matter TV Show - Elsie Godwin - Elsieisy blog

R2TV can be found on GoTV channel 112.

Crux of the Matter hopes to also return to radio to run along with the TV show. I am determined to hold these conversations so much that it affects everyone, positively.

In the society fate ceded to us, there are some sensitive issues that centres around relationship, dating and sex people hardly come out to shed light  on because of fear of being misjudged by  a judgmental, hypocritical and rigid agglomeration of people that make up the society we live in.

As a matter of fact, a lot of us would not come out to discuss sex openly in other not to be viewed as being morally bankrupt or accused of not conforming to societal norms. There is also a certain category of people who would rather discuss or give their opinions on such issues only on social media platforms, but act or speak contrary in reality.

On crux of the matter we are not held back by all that theatrical conventions, neither are we swayed by other people’s perceptions, criticisms or the so called “societal norms” as regards relationship, dating and especially sex issues. We bring to the fore sensitive issues most of us would only want to deal with in our closets.

Topic of discussion will include, Relationship, Dating, Sex, Friendship, Family and other things that regular readers of this blog and real people will definitely appreciate. My guests will share their experiences and opinion on the topic of the day.

You can also join the conversation on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram with the hashtag  #CruxoftheMatter or send an email to

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