The godfather – 8

The godfather by Gere Ochuko

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Mavwe stood transfixed watching the chaos. All she wanted to do was sleep but she couldn’t.

Smith, where’s the first aid kit?”He’s losing consciousness”“The bath tub is ready” Smith said approaching.Mavwe quietly sat as Mia and Smith helped Garen to the bath tub. She leaned on her elbows hoping to sleep, Mia came lashing at her.“How long have you been there? You saw Garen and couldn’t do anything? And now can you at least help clean up the blood stains….”“How did he get shot and why is he not taken to the hospital?”“She’s right, you didn’t do anything to help out” Smith said, not giving room for a response to Mawve’s question.“I can’t do this right now” Mavwe said standing up.“What’s up with you? Why this attitude?”“No disrespect, I just want it to end”“Suit yourself, am going to check on him” Smith said leaving.“Mavwe…….”“Mia, am tired. I just want to sleep……….. And maybe he deserves it”**************“Mia, any word from Ems?”Mia shrugged her shoulders, Smith hugged her before speaking.“I don’t know how she will take the news”“She was really clear the last time…… But she will eventually find out.”“She will be devastated”“Maybe Garen did break our family”“Now is not the time to place blame”“And Mavwe God! I don’t know what’s going on?”“Our family is falling apart…… And I think she doesn’t want in anymore. And nobody can blame her……” Smith felt his phone vibrating cutting him off.“I will go check on him” Mia said leaving.——————–“I heard you have been quite a rebel” Garen said while holding his injured shoulder.“I see ice water therapy works great for you”“And you seem pretty old all through”“I learnt from the godfather”“Sarcasm??”I think you got it coming” Mavwe told Garen inspecting his injury“What are you talking about?”I know a certain person is up to you and things spilled out of hand and you got it” Mavwe said poking his shoulder.“I don’t know what you are talking about”“I know that you have to fix your family and that crazy double life you live”“And what’s your-?”Gain? Catch? Well I don’t have to do anything besides watch you fight all odds to regain the family you lost and probably knock out your suppose trailers…….. You know…….the ones that shot you and is coming for you”“You could help me with my family”“I will do no such thing, its nice watching from the side line” Mavwe said standing up.“And to believe you would survive…… You really do have nine lives”Garen froze at the voice, he recognized the voice even in la la land. Emilia.“Dolly?!”“It’s Emilia now” Emilia said coming into view so they could see her.

Delph is right, when you stay with a villain you get to pick certain lessons or bad habits…….. Like keeping close tabs on loved ones

“Dolly, am fine….. It-”“Same dialogue, excuse, reason…. How about a different purpose like protecting my mom and Delph”“You know I will always protect them-”“At what cost Garen?” Emilia chipped in yelling.“I will leave you two alone” Delph spoke breaking the tension for a second.“No need to leave, you get to know why staying with my family hurts, why I don’t want to be with them”“We have talked about it already Dolly” Garen told Emilia trying to calm her down but she wouldn’t yield to it.“Don’t call me Dolly!!!!!”“It is a nice name actually” Mavwe said smiling but regret saying it as Emilia gave her an angry glare.“I told you it won’t happen again-”“And you didn’t tell both of them that their lives are in danger cause the tug and struggle for the streets just got to a whole new level where weakness are exploited”“What is she talking about Garen?” Mia asked stepping into the scene.“I don’t want a life looking over my shoulder” Emilia started. “I don’t want the adventurous life, I don’t know if you will come back in one piece or not, I don’t know if I will plan for a funeral in the next minute. Life is an unpredictable place and even though what the next minute holds doesn’t mean you should raise it to the roof top. I want certainty in my life and I can’t get it with my family. I don’t know if you will be shot like you are now or worst…… I experienced a really horrible death, I felt like hell, I literally went through it. I wanted revenge to make them pay and even though it involves legal and illegal, we made godfather come alive” At this point Emilia laughed quietly. “And today the godfather has really made people squeal at his presence, but all that fear, uncertainty, taking people’s daughter” Emilia chuckled “Making them certain and able to handle life challenges…… All that…… Everything……..the godfather is involved in….. I don’t want it anymore Garen……. I want a quiet life, I want peace, I want a little certainty, I don’t want any of this. That’s why I don’t live with you guys, but I always kept tabs with you hence I knew Garen was shot. I just want my family…… together… one piece not running from bullets or wanting to take someone down. I hate you for doing this to us Garen, I wish you never came into our lives…” Emilia said sobbing.Mavwe went to Emilia and hugged her, Garen just stood there quiet. Mia just looked on.***************Smith and Mia seem engrossed in their conservation to notice Emilia’s presence. She stood there for a while watching them before speaking.“Dad?“Ems, what’s wrong? You seem worried”“Garen. Am worried about him, I know we are not safe here so are we moving again?”“I don’t know Emilia” Mia finally spoke up.“I don’t know Garen’s plans yet but there’s a possibility”“Where’s Mavwe?” Mia asked“Somewhere around” Emilia said leaving.“Emilia?” Her dad called before continuing. “I didn’t know you felt that way, I am sorry. Your mom and I are sorry” Emilia nodded and went out.Emilia went to the Garden and met Garen there, she sat beside him.“godfather?!”“Jose-ann”“Still angry?”Still moving to a new house? I got great idea on location”“I don’t know how long we got till…..”“Till? Till they find us?” Emilia chipped in.“I won’t let anything happen to my family….” They both heard loud noises, cutting off his statement. Mavwe stood at a distance, they went to her inquiring what was happening.“Mavwe?!” Garen called.The fear was evident all over her, she haven’t been this scared. They got worried, Emilia held Mavwe by the shoulder shaking her, when they saw thick cloud followed by heavy smoke.“Garen….” Emilia called him pointing at a red spot on MavweGaren looked at Mavwe and saw a red light targeting her, Emilia stood transfixed. She didn’t know what to do, Garen didn’t know were the sniper targeting her was, but on instincts he shifted her and that was the last recalled followed by gunshots.Written by Gere Ochuko

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