My Mother

happy mothers day

My mother, she says I’m her husband and I’m secretly glad that I am. Hopefully I am the husband she never had. My mother is everything to me. We fight big and make up like nothing ever happened. I never understood her importance until I... Read More

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broken - art - elsieisy blog

My parents are in love, they really are, but not with each other. I don’t even understand why people get married. No, maybe I don’t understand why my parents got married. I never will. My parents are no parents at all, probably they should be... Read More

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The Ex Factor – 22

The Ex Factor - elsieisy blog

Click HERE for previous episodes. Miles unending is the depth of the mind. The world can fit in perfectly and the space left won’t hinder its going round. “Daddy!” Dorothy shouted as she began to run towards me. I squatted and... Read More

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How to Grow Balls

How to Grow Balls - elsieisy blog

Hey Elsians, How are you doing? Last Friday, there was a gist on TNS about Ghollywood Actress, Yvonne Okoro, blaming her being single on the fact that Men don’t have balls. According to Okoro; ‘The issue is men don’t have balls to come forward... Read More

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