Just Drive


She set her life to cruise control\r\n\r\npreferring a leisurely drive\r\n\r\nand Sunday afternoon scenery\r\n\r\nto a one-woman race\r\n\r\nsimply for the sake of speed and curiosity\r\n\r\nI am that one woman\r\n\r\nwho cut the cable to my brakes\r\n\r\npressing the pedal to the pavement\r\n\r\nscreaming past exits\r\n\r\nordinary exits\r\n\r\nlesser exits\r\n\r\nuntil I find the off-ramp\r\n\r\nthat waits for us all\r\n\r\neven those of us who live by that cruise control\r\n\r\nwho obey all limits\r\n\r\nand never cross the centerline\r\n\r\ndesperately riding the brake in vain\r\n\r\nin fear\r\n\r\nhoping to delay the exit\r\n\r\nthat curves into the entrance\r\n\r\nof the final highway that ends at the stars\r\n

by Bekah Steimel 

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