Theory of Evolution

Theory of Evolution - elsieisy blog

Not every step in life is meant to be smooth; how else could we grow and learn along the path?   Not every word from our mouths can come out perfectly clean; how else could we be pushed to expand our language of love?   Not every truth that... Read More

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Love is in the Air

Love is in the Air - elsieisy blog - poetry - art

Blue Egyptian silk shimmers as I walk in. The scent of roses fills the air As little red petals lay strewn everywhere.   Mingling just right, The scent with the coolness of the A/C L’amour is in the air As I gaze upon the object of my... Read More

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The minds Battles

The minds Battles - art - elsieisy blog

Success – a word too narrow to define’ With God’s own Love and divine We pinpoint and chastise our viewpoint to different angles. Our mind, our greatest enemy. Thoughts provoked and chained to your ankles. Welcome to the block! Your... Read More

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Explosive Taste

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Our daily activities Consisted of exercise For our legs, emotions, and tear glands You came Clothed in the white and orange Of a superhero Promising hope You added to our rations A larger portion of your explosive taste To teach the other chefs To be... Read More

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My Home

my home - poetry - elsieisy blog

In rheum of my eyes Floats dreams of my home Of warm and cool shades of grape wines On the secure walls of my Rome   The fog-kissed morning Folding in, to the cloudy day Breezy, cool with a peck of Sun brushing the orchid stray   Dusk tiptoes... Read More

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Fear - elsieisy blog - poetry

by Richard Anietie Oh fear, oh fear what ties have I with you? Why have you smitten me with horror You had beclouded me with dread And let me see my death before I truly die Fear, you kill me daily,  but I am raised again You show me the blood in... Read More

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Here’s the Bell

bell - elsieisy blog

He had trouble swallowing after the radiation fried his esophagus like a piece of bacon inside his body where the cancer busily went about its mission of death.   Trouble eating, trouble breathing, trouble, even, drinking tiny sips of... Read More

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costume - elsieisy blog

I ate a hamburger on Halloween and by the time I was finished everyone had dressed up into a costume and everyone had gone crazy. Not me:  I went into a movie house instead and saw a movie about a crazy person dressed in a white shirt with a crisp... Read More

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