Explosive Taste

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Our daily activities Consisted of exercise For our legs, emotions, and tear glands You came Clothed in the white and orange Of a superhero Promising hope You added to our rations A larger portion of your explosive taste To teach the other chefs To be... Read More

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My Home

my home - poetry - elsieisy blog

In rheum of my eyes Floats dreams of my home Of warm and cool shades of grape wines On the secure walls of my Rome   The fog-kissed morning Folding in, to the cloudy day Breezy, cool with a peck of Sun brushing the orchid stray   Dusk tiptoes... Read More

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Fear - elsieisy blog - poetry

by Richard Anietie Oh fear, oh fear what ties have I with you? Why have you smitten me with horror You had beclouded me with dread And let me see my death before I truly die Fear, you kill me daily,  but I am raised again You show me the blood in... Read More

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Here’s the Bell

bell - elsieisy blog

He had trouble swallowing after the radiation fried his esophagus like a piece of bacon inside his body where the cancer busily went about its mission of death.   Trouble eating, trouble breathing, trouble, even, drinking tiny sips of... Read More

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costume - elsieisy blog

I ate a hamburger on Halloween and by the time I was finished everyone had dressed up into a costume and everyone had gone crazy. Not me:  I went into a movie house instead and saw a movie about a crazy person dressed in a white shirt with a crisp... Read More

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My Love…


My love…   I miss  how you gaze at me and I find myself imprisoned  by your stares, how the world rolls to a stop and no one exists but us   I yearn for how you set me afire,  count my heartbeats make me soil for your seed,  devour me and... Read More

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Where Do You Live?

where do you live - elsieisy blog

Where do you live? I live in the heart of all Human Though invisible but prickling and audible I’m that little voice called *Conscience*. Where do you live?? I live somewhere on Earth in the Milky Way Galaxy Far from exploding Stars and shooting... Read More

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